Orthoregeneration: Does it Work and What if it Doesn't?

Published Jul 16, 2018


A participant of AANA annual congress 2018 said: “our patients are asking every day for regenerative treatments” e.g. stem cell therapy or PRP injections. There are options available but what if we give it to them and in five years we know that it does not work?” This statement summarizes two major points in the discussion of orthopedic tissue regeneration.

  1. The patients are asking for it, the need is high
  2. We just don't know enough

So many sessions on orthoregeneration during the AANA congress lead to the same conclusion: We have indications, we see potential but there is not enough data. Sometimes it works, sometimes not but we don’t know why.

That leads to the purpose of the ON Foundation. Advance orthoregeneration together. We do that based on three pillars: develop a global network, support education and foster research. In short: We need to know more and spread the know-how.

ON and AANA started their collaboration for the AANA 2018 annual congress. To support education ten education grants and two education scholarships* have been given to young AANA members. A key-note, an instructional course and an informal exchange session on regeneration have been set-up and supported.

“The biggest leap in Orthopedics in the next 10 years will hopefully come from harnessing the benefits of orthobiologics for regenerative purposes and disease modification" says ON Foundation President and AANA 2nd Vice President, Dr. Brian Cole. The ON Foundation will be at the fore-front of that development and put all its energy to advance orthoregeneration together. Join us on the journey, know what’s state-of-the art and benefit from our support programs.

ON Foundation

*Education Grant: 500 USD contributing to the attendance of the AANA annual meeting
 Education Scholarship: 2000 USD contributing to the attendance of the AANA annual meeting

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