Advanced Practitioner Membership

Thank you for your interest in Advanced Practitioner Membership.

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To be eligible for advanced practitioner membership, you must:
  • Be a non-orthopaedic-surgeon medical professional (degrees/credentials may include MD, DO, DDS, DMD, DVM, EdD, PhD, PA, NP, RN, PT, OT, ATC)
  • demonstrate an advanced level of knowledge or contributions in the science of arthroscopy

Required Documents

To submit your application, you will need to upload the following files:
  • A personal statement (<500 words) detailing your interest in and potential contributions to AANA.
  • A current CV
  • One Letter of Recommendation or completed Sponsorship Form from an active member  (Visit our Find A Sponsor page for more information)

Dues & Fees

  • A $100 application fee will be collected when you submit your application.
  • Annual dues for advanced practitioner members are currently $250 per year. You will be invoiced for your first year's dues upon approval of your application.

Obligations of Membership

To maintain your membership, you must:
  • Pay your dues
  • Adhere to all rules, regulations and criteria as outlined in AANA’s Bylaws

How to Apply

We do not currently accept online applications for advanced practitioner membership.  Please contact the member services team at or (847) 292-2262 to request an application form.