Shoulder Expansion Pack
Shoulder Expansion Pack
  • DIY Practice Exam - Shoulder Parts 1, 2 and 3
  • Irreparable Massive Rotator Cuff Tear (AANA20)
  • Hype, Promise and Reality: Orthopaedic Use of Biologics in 2021
  • Orthopaedic Innovation from Inspiration to the OR
  • Complications – Surgeons’ Worst Enemy & Best Teacher
  • The Business of Medicine: Hospital-Based Academic, Private-Practice – Learning How to Succeed
  • Large Rotator Cuff Tears Repair, Release, Patch
  • So You've Mastered MPFL Reconstruction: What Else to Add, and When?
  • Three Common Shoulder Problems in Overhead Sports: An Interactive, Round Table, Case-Based, Problem-Solving Session
  • Shoulder Arthritis In Young Active Patients - What Are The Best Options?
  • Controversies in the Use of Grafts and Patches in Rotator Cuff Surgery: Augmentation, Interposition, Reinforcement, Superior Capsular Reconstruction, and Bio-Inductive Scaffolds
  • Case-based Approach to the Management of AC Joint Injuries - An International Perspective
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