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2023 Applications opening fall of 2022.

AANA Resident Scholarship

  • Avinesh Agarwalla, M.D.
  • Sachin Allahabadi
  • Richard Lee Amendola, M.D.
  • Ryan Hunter Barnes, M.D.
  • Jenny Blanda, M.D.
  • Stephanie Ann Boden
  • Kyle Boden
  • Michael Stephen Bogard, M.D.
  • Eric Cotter, M.D.
  • Gibran Alejandro Delsol
  • Alex DiBartola, M.D., M.P.H.
  • Joseph Featherall
  • Ryan Freshman
  • Wade Gobbell
  • Brett Goodloe, M.D.
  • Zylyftar Gorica
  • Andrew Scott Gudeman
  • David Hagan, M.D.
  • Jeffrey Hassebrock
  • Eric Heidemann
  • Jonatan Hernandez-Leon
  • Sean Hogan
  • Ajay Kanakamedala, M.D.
  • Jillian Karpyshyn
  • Lafi Saba Khalil, M.D.
  • Matthew J. Kraeutler, M.D.
  • Van Schaumburg Krueger, M.D.
  • Nicholas J. Lemme, M.D.
  • Nabil Mehta, M.D.
  • Fabien Meta, M.D.
  • Alireza Nazemi, M.D., M.S.
  • Reza Ojaghi
  • Nicholas P. Perry, M.D.
  • Robert Matthews Putko, M.D.
  • Richard Puzzitiello, MD
  • Omar Rahman, M.D., M.B.A.
  • Brent Sanderson, D.O.
  • Alexandra Scoles, D.O.
  • Alan G. Shamrock, M.D.
  • Erik Slette
  • Favian Su
  • Erin Swan
  • Patrick F. Szukics, D.O.
  • Kevin C. Wang, M.D.
  • Nathan White, M.D.
  • Kathryn C. Yeager, M.D.


AANA will award 50 scholarships for Orthopaedic Residents to attend the AANA Annual Meeting in New Orleans, May 4-6, 2023. PGY3, PGY4 or PGY5 Orthopaedic Residents residing in the U.S., Canada or Mexico during the 2022–23 academic year and who have an interest in minimally-invasive or arthroscopic surgery are encouraged to apply.

This is an exclusive opportunity to attend the AANA Annual Meeting; learn more about the latest arthroscopic and minimally-invasive techniques and trends; and network with leading educators and surgeons in the field. The scholarship includes:

  • Registration to the AANA Annual Meeting and Resident/Fellow Education Track
  • $550 travel reimbursement.


Applicant must:

  • An AANA member in good standing. AANA Resident Membership is free! See details and apply.
  • Be an Orthopaedic Resident in their third, fourth or fifth year of training (excluding time spent in research)
  • Be enrolled in a training program located in the U.S., Canada or Mexico
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm for and have a sincere interest in arthroscopic surgery
  • Be in good academic standing
  • Obtain recommendation from his/her orthopaedic training program director

Application Deadline

  • 2023 Applications opening fall of 2022.


2023 Applications opening fall of 2022.

  • Application form and supporting material must be received by January 3, 2023. Incomplete application(s) received after this date will not be considered.
  • Your personal statement (cannot exceed 500 words) describing your interest in arthroscopic surgery, what you hope to learn from the experience and how you will share what you've learned.
  • Ask your orthopaedic training program director to write a letter of recommendation for you detailing your interest in arthroscopic surgery and upload as part of your application.
  • Complete the application and submit your CV, personal statement and letter of recommendation as part of the application.

The Resident Scholarship program is funded by the AANA Education Foundation with generous donations from individuals and corporations.

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