Surgical Outcomes System (SOS™) is an orthopaedic and sports medicine registry. It enables surgeons to easily collect and analyze patient outcomes and treatment procedures to quantify results for healthcare operations, presentation, publication, patient education, marketing, and reimbursement.

SOS facilitates the comparative analysis on individual outcomes, site outcomes and the global de-identified average for different surgical procedures, grafts, and implants, providing evidence-based data for medical decision making that is simple and easy to use.

SOS is an AANA Member Benefit

How to access your free license to SOS:

  1. Log in to your account. Make sure that:
    • You are an AANA member
    • Your dues are up-to-date
    • You note of your Member Number
  2. Request a demo at Surgical Outcomes System.
  3. The SOS team will take you through all of the paperwork and set up your account. Be sure to give them your AANA Member Number.