AANA is driven by a mission to advance the field of minimally-invasive orthopaedic surgery to improve patient outcomes. Education is at the core of that advancement. AANA has produced peer-reviewed, innovative and valuable arthroscopy education opportunities to meet the needs of a growing specialty.

Online Education

Cutting-edge content in easily accessible formats. Learn more about Arthroscopy Self-Assessment Programs, online CME, do-it-yourself question banks and education videos.

If you’ve already purchased programs, access them here:

AANA Education Online


Lab Courses and Training

Experience the unique learning environment at the Orthopaedic Learning Center with AANA’s hands-on cadaver lab courses. Many courses offer the opportunity to gauge and improve surgery skills utilizing the latest virtual reality simulation technology through an exclusive partnership with VirtaMed. Find your course:

  • APEx: Your own station, scope, cadaver and instructor – a truly innovative and focused learning opportunity
  • Residents and Fellows: Dive into content that is focused on developing fundamental skills and honing hands-on skills
  • SOMOS: Focused on the treatment of the military athlete

Live Meetings

Enhance your learning with a live meeting opportunity. Network with peers from around the world while getting updated on the latest trends and research in orthopaedic surgery.