AANA has received notifications from several members concerned about negative-coverage decisions by commercial payers, related to the use of hyaluronic acid (HA) injections for management of osteoarthritis. In response, AANA’s leadership has engaged in discussion with industry stakeholders and begun an effort to educate payers on the benefits of HA, as a valid treatment option for patients suffering from symptomatic osteoarthritis. AANA’s Advocacy Committee is sharing the letter that was approved by the BOD. The letter summarizes the evidence supporting the use of hyaluronic acid for management for osteoarthritis. This letter is being made available for use by members in their discussion with payers regarding negative-coverage decisions for HA injections. AANA encourages commercial payers not to limit access to validated non-surgical modalities, such as HA therapy, for their patients suffering from arthritis pain.

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Viscosupplementation Insurance Letter