Published on 7/17/2019

July 17 One Day One Gift

The AANA Education Foundation is excited to launch its first Annual Giving Day in support of two important causes:

August 2019 SOMOS/AANA Course – Goal: $25,000

We are less than two weeks away from one of AANA’s most meaningful courses, the SOMOS/AANA Course, which provides advanced training and delivers enhanced outcomes to military surgeons. Thanks to Dr. Richard Ryu and his wife, Linda, who generously offered to match every dollar we raise in support of this course (up to $50,000) with the Linda & Richard Ryu AANA/SOMOS Challenge, we are proud to say we have met our goal! However, another $25,000 will fully fund this incredible course whose overall quality proves to have a profound impact on military preparedness.

Help support our military heroes who provide service, sacrifice and leadership in the operating room. Donate to the August 2019 SOMOS/AANA Course.


Resident & Fellow Scholarships – Goal: $20,000

In response to increasing demand and feedback from membership, we are expanding the number of scholarships available in 2020 to provide invaluable educational opportunities to an increased number of residents and fellows so they can afford to attend AANA’s Lab Courses. Our goal is to help fund 10 NEW scholarships in 2020.

AANA lab courses expose Residents and Fellows to didactic lectures paired with extensive, hands-on lab training to hone their surgical skills as well as extensive networking opportunities with leaders in the field.

Give the Gift of education to our Residents and Fellows! Donate to the Resident and Fellow Scholarship.


Help fund 10 NEW scholarships for Residents and Fellows and support our SOMOS/AANA Course for our military surgeons by participating in the AANA Education Foundation’s Inaugural Annual Giving Day today!

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