Traveling Fellowship Application

The application for the 2018 Traveling Fellowships is now closed. Thank you for your submissions.

During the Fellowship, it is anticipated that the fellows will have the opportunity to view arthroscopic surgery at the host institutions. They will be invited to participate in a scientific symposium with the host physicians and will attend the AANA Annual Meeting as the guest of the Association.

It is our hope that the AANA Arthroscopy Traveling Fellowship will help foster an exchange of scientific and technical information concerning arthroscopic surgery. It is also anticipated that the social and recreational activities during the fellowship will foster long-standing, personal and professional relationships.


  • To provide an opportunity for physicians to observe the leading surgeons in the field of arthroscopy
  • To provide an arena for the exchange of pertinent scientific information
  • To identify new leaders in the field
  • To provide an atmosphere conducive to a camaraderie between the Traveling Fellows and experienced leaders in the field

Fellows can expect:

  • Access to the leading surgeons in the discipline
  • To participate in scientific symposia with host physicians
  • To view state of the art research and surgical facilities
  • To observe surgical procedures
  • To attend the AANA Annual Meeting as guests of AANA
  • To participate in social and cultural experiences in the host communities
  • To form lifetime friendships

Application process:

  1. Eligible candidates will be currently practicing in North America
  2. The application must be submitted by December 15, 2017
  3. The tour dates for 2018 are April 15–18, April 18–22, April 22–25, plus attendance at the Annual Meeting, April 26–28
  4. The application consists of:
    • Application Form
    • Two Sponsors
    • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    • Personal Narrative
    • Photograph