Advanced Practitioner Membership

Thank you for your interest in Advanced Practitioner Membership.

To be eligible for advanced practitioner membership, you must:

  • Be a non-orthopaedic-surgeon medical professional (degrees/credentials may include MD, DO, DDS, DMD, DVM, EdD, PhD, PA, NP, RN, PT, OT, ATC)
  • Demonstrate an advanced level of knowledge or contributions in the science of arthroscopy

Required Documents

To submit your application, you will need to upload the following files:

  • A personal statement (less than 500 words) detailing your interest in and potential contributions to AANA.
  • A current CV.
  • A Letter of Recommendation or completed Sponsorship Form from an active member. Visit our Find A Sponsor page for more information.

Dues & Fees

  • A $100 application fee will be collected when you submit your application.
  • Annual dues for advanced practitioner members are currently $250 per year. You will be invoiced for your first year's dues upon approval of your application.

Obligations of Membership

To maintain your membership, you must:

  • Pay your dues
  • Adhere to all rules, regulations and criteria as outlined in AANA’s Bylaws