Day 11: AANA23

May 4,2023 / By AANA


The 2023 AANA Traveling Fellows attend Day One of the AANA Annual Meeting, taking in many different impressive and educational sessions beginning in the morning with Controversies in Shoulder Instability. This session featured state-of-the-art talks, surgical techniques and new research findings in the field of shoulder instability were also presented. Pictured here is Luke Heinrichs, M.D. presenting his team’s research on arthroscopic glenoid reconstructions. Dr. Heinrichs and his co-authors later received one of the best research paper awards at this year’s meeting.

After a presentation given by Nicholas Sgaglione, M.D., the 2023 AANA Traveling Fellows are introduced to the stage where they present the AANA Traveling Fellowship awards. Each Traveling Fellow was honored to be selected for the program and the opportunity to have this moment on stage with their Godfather. Being recognized on stage was a very moving experience.

Previous Traveling Fellows told the 2023 AANA Traveling Fellows how incredible their experiences were to each, and they now understand and feel similarly. Each of the 2023 AANA Traveling Fellows agrees that the program was one of the most incredible experiences of their professional lives.

The 2023 AANA Traveling Fellows wrap up the first day of the AANA Annual Meeting with some food and drink at the Welcome Reception in the Exhibit Hall. They were reunited with some of their hosts from their time in Mexico City and were so delighted to see them again! From left: Peter Vezeridis, M.D., Albert Gee, M.D., FAANA, Theodore Shybut, M.D., FAANA, Pedro Iturbide, M.D., Diego Perez Salazar Marina, M.D. and Catherine Hui, M.D.

The 2023 AANA Traveling Fellows take advantage of a quick photo opportunity of the Gas Lamp Photo Booth outside the Exhibit Hall. From left: Theodore Shybut, M.D., FAANA, Albert Gee, M.D., FAANA< Catherine Hui, M.D. and Peter Vezeridis, M.D.


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