Mentorship Program

The NEW AANA Mentorship Program is a valuable opportunity for both experienced surgeons and surgeons in residency or fellowship training to establish a unique partnership; to increase involvement and engagement in AANA; to connect with other surgeons in the arthroscopy community; and more, ultimately enhancing the future of orthopaedic surgery.

Want to join the AANA Mentorship Program but need more information on the commitment?

Check out the program's Guidelines and Road Map for Success.

Benefits of Being a Mentor 


  • Provides professional socialization skills.
  • Strengthens teaching abilities.
  • Enhances leadership qualities and offers a leadership opportunity (this can also count towards a qualification on the Fellow of AANA Program application).
  • Helps shape the leading surgeons of tomorrow through sharing knowledge.


Benefits of Being a Mentee


  • Offers opportunities to expand your professional and personal networks through communications with experts in the field.
  • Increases self-confidence in the OR.
  • Improves surgical skill-and-technique set.
  • Can help provide support to early careerists and those still in residency or fellowship training.


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