Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy is of great importance to AANA.  We maintain a strict confidentiality policy to protect all of your personal information. It is important for you to know that our organization does not, nor will we ever, sell names or other information about non-AANA members to third party marketers. In the case of AANA members, we may provide the names and addresses only (never email addresses) of AANA members to groups wishing to share continuing medical education information.


Information We Gather

In the course of providing services to you, we gather information about you from the following sources:

  • Information obtained in any transaction with us.
  • Information obtained when verifying information you provide on applications or other forms.


Information We Disclose

AANA will only disclose AANA member name and address information for mailing purposes to those wishing to share continuing medical education information. AANA will not disclose any information pertaining to non-AANA members, nor will AANA disclose any financial, personal, educational, usage, or email address information pertaining to either members or nonmembers. Not withstanding the foregoing, AANA may share information with government authorities for appropriate services.


Disclosure of Information to Parties that Provide Services for Us

If we use a service provider that has a contract with our company only necessary information will be provided to the provider.


We reserve the right to amend at any time.

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