Survey Request Portal

Do you have a survey you’d like to release to the membership to understand a wide variety of issues including specialty areas, coding, outcomes and more?

Submit your surveys for the orthopaedic community to take part in. Submitting and participating in these surveys will provide your colleagues and peers with helpful data to advance the field of minimally invasive surgery and orthopaedic outcomes.


All surveys submitted to AANA for publication will be peer reviewed by members of the AANA Research Committee.


Criteria for Consideration:

  • Surveys must have IRB or REB approval.
  • The survey objectives must be defined and in alignment with AANA goals. The survey may not be intended for commercial use or commercial product development.
  • AANA must receive, review and approve a sample of the survey.
  • The specific target audience must be defined should the requester wish to target a specific group of AANA members.
  • A timeline for data collection must be established.
  • Should the requester wish to publish the survey data in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, Arthroscopy will have the first right of refusal.
  • The survey results will be made available to AANA for its use.

Questions? Please contact Nick Sautter at


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