Comp Recovery Inc.

AANA has officially joined Comp Recovery, Inc. (CRI) in an exclusive partnership, offering members a new practice management resource to utilize when recovering lost revenue and billing workers’ compensation.


For healthcare workers especially, billing workers’ compensation can be a bit of a headache. Thanks to the highly qualified and experienced group of healthcare professionals, insurance and risk management professionals and workers’ compensation experts that make up the CRI staff, CRI has quickly become recognized as one of the leading providers in the workers’ compensation arena.


Current services CRI provides includes:

  • State-of-the-art technology solutions
  • Settlement negotiation services
  • Provider analysis
  • Profit enhancement
  • Revenue recovery
  • And more!


AANA members benefit from this partnership! Members can expect to gain expert advice on billing, coding and revenue cycle management in addition to detailed information on workers’ compensation.


Reach out to the workers’ compensation experts at CRI today! Visit: 

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