2023-2026 Strategic Plan Overview

As part of a new strategic plan that will be executed this year, AANA has refined its mission and vision statements to reflect the organization’s goals today and in the future. The mission statement is refocused to position AANA as the the leading voice for education, surgical skills and assessment, practice management and research as it relates to arthroscopy and minimally invasive surgery.


The plan involves four key areas: Education, Research, Practice Management and Membership. Each area involves the following operations:


Education: AANA will be the leading organization delivering surgical skills and assessment for arthroscopy and minimally invasive surgery.


Practice Management: AANA will be a recognized provider of practice management and leadership tools as they related to orthopaedic practice.


Research: AANA will be recognized as an association that supports research and scholarly activity as it relates to the science of arthroscopy and minimally invasive surgery.


Membership: AANA will be the organization of choice for arthroscopy and minimally invasive surgery.


By delivering on the four key areas above, AANA will fulfill its refined vision statement: to be the global leader driving innovation for arthroscopy, minimally invasive surgery and patient care for optimal outcomes.


AANA Strategic Plan 2023-2026 (PDF)

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