AANA is pleased to announce that the Winter 2024 class of the Fellow of AANA (FAANA) Program has been named.


The FAANA Program is an opportunity for AANA Active and International members to be a part of an elite group of leaders in arthroscopy and add another prestigious credential to their signatures. Individuals who are accepted into the program have set themselves apart through involvement, education and advancement. Additionally, the program affords Orthopaedic Surgeons the opportunity to recognize their numerous achievements in arthroscopic surgery.


If you are a current AANA Active or International Member who is involved in and consistently seeks out professional and educational leadership opportunities, now is your chance to learn more about the program and apply to be an FAANA.


Congratulations to our Winter 2024 class of FAANAs:

  • James Bailey, M.D.
  • Marco Maiotti, M.D.
  • Jose A. Manrique, M.D.
  • Lucas McDonald, M.D., MPHTM
  • Brian McKeon, M.D., BSSC
  • Matthew Moralle, M.D.
  • David T. Jones, M.D.
  • Thai Trinh, M.D.
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