Published on 5/16/2023

Standards of Professionalism on Professional Relationships

As you know, AAOS Fellows will soon be asked to vote on major AAOS business matters, including a proposed amendment to the Standards of Professionalism on Professional Relationships.


You may have heard from Fellows who are concerned and/or confused about this proposed change to the Standards of Professionalism (SOP). The current amendment would highlight harassment, bullying and discrimination as unacceptable behaviors that fall under the professional conduct standard. This change does not alter the rigorous process for a formal compliance action. In short, it expresses and reinforces our commitment to being an organization that fosters a culture of mutual respect and professionalism.


The AANA Leadership wholeheartedly agrees with the principles of fairness and mutual respect laid out in the Standards of Professionalism, but also recognizes the importance of independent investigation and adjudication in individual cases.


This vote will be coming up soon and we ask that you exercise your right to vote.

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