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March 2024

Go ALL IN with Recurring Giving

It may not sound obvious, but donating is good for your health. According to a study conducted by the Cleveland Clinic, donating does more than just give you a warm and fuzzy feeling from helping others. Donating has a profound impact on both an individual’s physical and mental well-being.


According to the article, a smile isn’t the only reaction that comes from gift giving. Donating, whether big or small, causes a chemical response with your brain secreting “feel good” chemicals such as serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin. When we do things for other people it makes us feel more engaged and joyful which is good for health and happiness.


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February 2024

Go ALL IN with Recurring Giving

You can make a lasting impact today! Small tasks, when done consistently, can add up to create lasting impacts and the same is true for giving. We know it is not always financially prudent to give at the amount you deem beneficial to the AANA Education Foundation, but have you ever considered spreading that gift amount over 12 months or 4 quarters throughout the year?


Recurring gifts make an impact by providing funding that allows the AANA Education Foundation to uphold its mission. Your donation empowers the Foundation to:

  • Maintain and expand the scholarship programs that provides attendance at state-of-the-art educational courses.
  • Fund research grants for orthopaedic surgical advancement and innovation.
  • Fund programs like the Traveling Fellowships – an experience of a lifetime for those chosen.
  • And more!


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January 2024

A Special Thank You to Our Donors

Each year, the support of our donors fuels the AANA Education Foundation’s mission to provide access to education, research and innovation. Reflecting on 2023, we want to extend our gratitude to each donor who showed their commitment to the practice of orthopaedics last year by giving to the Foundation.


Thanks to the generosity of our donors in 2023, the Foundation funded:

  • 60 educational scholarships
  • An AANA research grant
  • The career-defining Traveling Fellowship program
  • Health Policy Fellowship
  • Journal Awards
  • And more!


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December 2023

The Final Countdown – Go ALL IN

As we approach the end of another year, the AANA Education Foundation calls on our members one final time to help us achieve our year-end goals and make a difference. Time is moving fast and your support is critical. A donation before the year end fuels essential initiatives and supports our valuable programs. Every contribution, regardless of size, plays a pivotal role in the success of the Foundation’s mission.


With your support, we can expand educational scholarships, fund research grants and empower Orthopaedic Surgeons to excel in their practice. In these unprecedented times, your contribution holds more significance than ever before. Go ALL IN today. Your support directly impacts the lives of orthopedic surgeons, enabling them to stay at the forefront of advancements and providing optimal care to their patients. By going ALL IN you affirm your commitment to the betterment of your profession and the improvement of patient outcomes.


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November 2023

AANA Education Foundation Donor Highlight: Richard L. Angelo, M.D., Ph.D.

Celebrating the Legacy of an AANA Past President and Loyal Supporter


In orthopaedic surgery, there are those whose contributions extend far beyond the operating room, leaving a lasting mark on the field and its continued advancement. One such individual who the AANA Education Foundation has the privilege of highlighting is AANA Past President Dr. Richard Angelo, a Legacy Donor and Richard B. Caspari Society Member.


For over a decade, Dr. Angelo has demonstrated an unwavering commitment and exemplified the true spirit of giving. His steadfast dedication to the Foundation goes far beyond his exemplary leadership as AANA’s past president. Dr. Angelo's continued support has played a pivotal role in assisting AANA and the Foundation with advancing orthopaedic surgery, enhancing patient care and promoting innovative research.


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September 2023

AANA Health Policy Fellow Highlight: Ravi S. Vaswani, M.D.


In the dynamic world of health care, few endeavors are as impactful as those that bridge the gap between cutting-edge medical practices and public policy. One individual who is empowering change in this area is Ravi S. Vaswani, M.D., who was selected as the 2022-2024 AANA Health Policy Fellow. Dr. Vaswani is poised to catalyze change and elevate the standards of arthroscopic care.


As an Orthopaedic Surgeon who has a passion for both patient care and policy reform, Dr. Vaswani has dedicated his career to improving the lives of those suffering from joint-related ailments. With a stellar track record in arthroscopic procedures and a deep commitment to advocating for change, Dr. Vaswani proved to be the perfect candidate for this prestigious fellowship.


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June 2023

Hats (or Jerseys) Off to a Successful Donor Recognition


During the evening of May 5, 2023, AANA23 attendees convened inside Double Dealer, the subterranean cocktail bar that hosted the highly successful AANA Education Foundation Donor Recognition Event. This special evening is held annually for donors at the AANA Annual Meeting. The event provides an opportunity for donors to be recognized for their contributions and network with other donors in an exclusive setting.


Roughly 85 donors were in attendance. One of the highlights of attending the Donor Recognition Event was an unexpected drawing for all event attendees to participate in. Donated items included jerseys from the U.S. Airforce Academy, U.S. Naval Academy and U.S. Military Academy West Point. R. Judd Robins, M.D. graciously donated the U.S. Airforce Academy jerseys, with the home jersey signed by Head Coach Troy Calhoun. Jim Berry, M.A., A.T.C. provided U.S. Naval Academy jerseys, with the home jersey and a football signed by Head Coach Brian Newberry. The West Point jersey was donated by Michael Donohue, M.D.


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April 2023

A Prohibition-Style Evening Awaits You at AANA23


Our donors mean a great deal to us. Without their support, the AANA Education Foundation would not be able to help fund initiatives related to important education, research and innovation.


What better way to express our heartfelt gratitude than by recognizing our donors through an event that’s dedicated to them? We invite all our valued donors who are attending the 2023 AANA Annual Meeting (AANA23) to join us on Friday, May 5 at Double Dealer, otherwise known as the best underground cocktail bar in New Orleans. This 1920s-themed club, which is situated beneath the Orpheum Theater in the center of New Orleans, makes you feel as if you are stepping back in time. Plan to savor light hors d'oeuvres along with a selection of spirits and creative cocktails, all the while enjoying a prime opportunity to mingle and connect with other AANA23 attendees in a memorable setting.


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March 2023

Your Donation Supports Important Research Studies Like This


The AANA Education Foundation was founded to provide enduring support to arthroscopic surgeons. One method of enduring support involves important and impactful research grants. Today, the Foundation is pleased to announce grant funding of $50,000 toward the research study titled, "Chondrocyte Viability of Novel Osteochondral Allograft Products." This study involves osteochondral allograft (OCA) transplantations and their impact on the surgical techniques Orthopaedic Surgeons use regularly.


Developed by David P. Trofa, M.D., Clark Hung, M.D., Beth Ashinsky, M.D., Ph.D. and Afrain Boby, M.S., this study aims to evaluate the overall effectiveness of OCA-related products versus current treatment strategies involving tissue harvested from the same individual during surgery. The study’s results could lead to improved surgical techniques that an Orthopaedic Surgeon could use to treat common knee injuries. Additionally, this study allows for the extension of tissue viability that will make the supply and availability more accessible to all patient populations.


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February 2023

Turn Your AmazonSmile Support Into Recurring Donations


Effective February 20, Amazon will be discontinuing its AmazonSmile Program. The program allowed individuals to support the AANA Education Foundation through any Amazon purchases. While the program will be missed, your donation can still achieve a similar lasting outcome thanks to recurring donations.


If you've considered a recurring donation but are unsure where to start, consider signing up for monthly giving.


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December 2022

There Is Still Time!


This holiday season, the best gift you can give is a donation to the AANA Education Foundation that supports opportunities in education, research and innovation.


We know that you have many options when it comes to year-end giving, but your decision in choosing the AANA Education Foundation is an important one. Large or small, your donation helps to make a substantial impact that truly makes a difference. Deserving Orthopaedic Surgeons who otherwise might not have an opportunity to attend one of AANA's world-class lab courses or events are so grateful for any contribution you make.


With just a handful of days left in 2022, there's still time to make your tax-deductible donation count. Visit the AANA Education Foundation donation page to make your donation today.


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November 2022

GivingTuesday Is November 29!


On behalf of the AANA Education Foundation, my heartfelt thanks goes out to you for your previous support. Contributions from members like you have had a far-reaching impact on Orthopaedic Surgeons worldwide.


In the last year alone, the Foundation has been able to achieve so much: We've awarded $55,000 in educational scholarships so that deserving Orthopaedic Surgeons of all career stages can attend state-of-the-art opportunities such as an AANA Lab Course or the AANA Annual Meeting.


Since 2007, the Foundation has been using your valuable donations to help make the achievements listed above (and more!) possible.


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October 2022

Donating Made Easy With NEW Monthly Donations


We're so grateful for the AANA community that has supported the AANA Education Foundation through the years. If you've considered becoming a monthly donor, the moment to do so is right now – and as soon as possible. Let us explain:


We value our monthly donor program, and the reason for that is simple: Monthly donations are incredibly impactful because they allow us to invest strategically and plan for the future.


Whether we're working to continue our current funding initiatives and programs, expanding our offerings with funding for additional meetings and lab courses or making any other critical funding decision, we start by examining the resources we have now and what we expect to have in the coming months – and monthly gifts provide valuable insight into where we'll be in the future.


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September 2022

Why You Should Make Recurring Gifts


Have you thought about ways you can help provide enduring support to AANA's professional education and training programs? Introducing NEW recurring gifts – a donation opportunity that supports lasting changes in educational scholarships, research, innovation and more for the current and future generations of Orthopaedic Surgeons.


When you give monthly or quarterly, you become in charge of the impact you create. This form of giving is one of the most effective ways to provide meaningful support on a regular basis.


As Orthopaedic Surgeons, this is your opportunity to share a commitment to advancing minimally invasive surgical education. Practice this commitment through monthly giving.


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August 2022

Reflecting on What's Ahead


As the 2022-2023 AANA president, I am humbled to assume leadership of our association. I hope to build upon the successful term of my predecessor, Dr. Mark Getelman, under whose leadership AANA was able to reach and then exceed the goals set for the 40th Anniversary Campaign.


Despite the success of this campaign, it is still important for us to encourage giving from our members to the AANA Education Foundation. This ensures that current and future generations of arthroscopic surgeons are equipped with the expertise necessary to advance their careers as well as arthroscopic surgery. AANA’s purpose is “to advance the art and science of arthroscopy and minimally invasive surgery through education, skills assessment and advocacy,” per its mission statement. Each AANA program is designed to fulfill that mission and must be supported by revenues, some of which the AANA Education Foundation guarantees.


Education is expensive. Surgical skills education, particularly practicing on cadaver specimens, requires significant funding support. It would be difficult for AANA to continue providing excellent skills education without the support of the Foundation. These programs offer unbiased instruction from world renowned Orthopaedic Surgeons. This year, we are planning new initiatives to bring members these educational opportunities with more convenient regional courses; having a strong Foundation behind us helps expand these educational efforts. These initiatives include scholarships for surgeons of all career levels to attend courses, conferences and more.


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June 2022

AANA's 40th Anniversary Campaign Goal Exceeded!


Dear Colleague:


In the October 2021 Issue of Seeing Beyond the Scope, I mentioned the launch of the 40th Anniversary Campaign, an ambitious fundraising campaign where the AANA Education Foundationsought to raise $4 million in honor of AANA’s 40th Anniversary. Today, I’m pleased to share with youthat we exceeded this goal, raising nearly $4.4 million through legacy gifts, industry support andindividual donations.


The Education Foundation allows AANA to fulfill our mission to be the leader in arthroscopy andminimally invasive surgical education and your support is critical to our ongoing initiatives andsuccess. This includes advocating for new codes and improved reimbursement opportunities for ourmembers; delivering outstanding, cutting-edge scientific programming through online and in-personmeetings; helping hundreds of Residents get the training needed to improve their skill set andtechnique; and continuing to offer the invaluable AANA Traveling Fellowship program.


The campaign funding will allow for exciting new educational offerings. We will make an impact ondiversity, equity and inclusion in orthopaedics starting with our incredible three-year partnership withDePuy Synthes for Future Scope: Introduction to Arthroscopy and Orthopaedics, a a multiyearprogram for underrepresented medical students to pique their interest, learn the fundamentals oforthopaedic practice and encourage them to choose our specialty. We are so grateful to DePuy fortheir partnership and leadership commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in orthopaedics.


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April 2022

Legacy Donor Highlight: Jessica H.J. Ryu, M.D.


Supporting education is an important and simple way to benefit the next generation of Orthopaedic Surgeons. By providing a $100,000 life insurance policy legacy gift to the AANA Education Foundation, Jessica H.J. Ryu, M.D., an AANA Member since 2014, will help ensure funding for important arthroscopic educational opportunities and initiatives for years to come.


Dr. Ryu’s decision to pursue a career in orthopedic surgery, specifically arthroscopy, was in large part due to the influence of her father, Richard K.N. Ryu, M.D., a past president of AANA who has created his own legacy of advancing arthroscopy and minimally invasive surgery, and who remains an active donor to the AANA Education Foundation.


“My dad has had a big influence on my life and my career,” Dr. Ryu explains. “He has been one of many AANA mentors who have had a profound effect on my surgical practice, my skills acquisition and the development of my practice. AANA has always been a pivotal and influential organization for my father, and from an educational and collegial standpoint, has also become the most important orthopaedic organization for me in advancing my knowledge and skills.”


In addition to her father’s mentorship, Dr. Ryu credits the many AANA mentors who have contributed to her success as an arthroscopist. “As a surgeon who is early in practice, I’ve benefited from the advice and hands-on training from some of the most talented surgeons in the world: Drs. Buddy Savoie, Mark Getelman, Steve Snyder, Jeff Abrams, Rick Angelo, Nick Sgaglione and Mike O’Brien to name just a few. My interactions with these thought leaders and skilled surgeons have been through AANA meetings and OLC courses where their instruction and interactions are superb. It is important for surgeons who are early in their career to have the opportunity to improve their arthroscopic skills and their confidence. Through AANA, I have met amazing, dedicated surgeons who inspire me to be the best surgeon I can possibly be.”


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March 2022

Scholarship Recipient Highlight: Jeffrey Hassebrock, M.D.


Dr. Hassebrock is one of the fortunate recipients of the AANA22 ResidentScholarship, which is generously funded by the AANA Education Foundation.He’s an Orthopaedic Resident completing his residency at the Mayo Clinic ofArizona this June. He will then pursue an arthroscopy and sports medicinefellowship at the University of Colorado.


A frequent AANA Annual Meeting attendee, Dr. Hassebrock attended his firstannual meeting in 2019 to present research. Dr. Hassebrock had been considering a career pathorthopaedic surgery, particularly arthroscopy, but it wasn’t until he attended AANA19 that hesolidified his decision.


As a PGY5 Resident preparing to transition into fellowship training, Dr. Hassebrock finds itincredible to connect with mentors who address real-life controversies in the operating room anddevelop innovative ways to solve those controversies; in his eyes, this is just one of the numerousbenefits to attending the AANA Annual Meeting.


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February 2022

Supporting Arthroscopy Education & Innovation


Jerry W. Van Meter, M.D., FAANA has been a long-time member of AANA, having joined in 1986 when the organization was just starting to grow into what would become a global community of over 5,500 Orthopaedic Surgeons and advanced practitioners. He has also been a donor to the AANA Education Foundation for many years, and credits the Foundation for supporting AANA, the organization that has served as an outlet for arthroscopy education and innovation.


Dr. Van Meter was born in Kunming, China, adopted by American missionaries and brought to the United States at the age of two. Although raised in a predominantly white community in southern California, Dr. Van Meter cherished the relationships and opportunities he was exposed to while valuing opportunities to embrace his Chinese heritage.


While attending medical school at the University of California, Davis in the 1970s, the orthopaedic surgery department chief, Paul R. Lipscomb, M.D., his staff and Orthopaedic Residents encouraged Dr. Van Meter to explore a career in orthopaedics. During his final year of orthopaedic surgery residency at the University of California, San Francisco in 1981, James M. Glick, M.D., an early member of AANA, exposed him to and encouraged his interest and training in arthroscopy, what was then a fledgling procedure.


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January 2022

Year after year, you’re the reason the AANA Education Foundation succeeds.


As we reflect on 2021 and all we have been able to accomplish, we would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every donor who made an impactful contribution to the AANA Education Foundation in 2021. In the new year, the AANA Education Foundation hopes to continue supporting increases in AANA’s unique educational offerings, such as scholarships for future leaders in orthopaedic surgery, advancements in up-and-coming technologies and more to push the envelope for the field of minimally invasive surgery as we know it.


New in 2022, your 2021 year-end donation letter can be accessed directly from your AANA Membership portal. This letter is used for tax purposes and lists all donations you have made to the AANA Education Foundation in 2021


Full steps can be found in the E-Digest.


This is an except from the January E-Digest. Read the full message below.


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November 2021

Donor Highlight: Merrick J. Wetzler, M.D., FAANA


This month, the AANA Education Foundation would like to recognize Dr. Wetzler, who has been an AANA Member since 2011 and regular donor to the AANA Education Foundation since 2013.


Dr. Wetzler has been heavily involved in AANA from the start of membership, having served as an instructor for several AANA lab courses and on multiple committees, including Advocacy, Bylaws and Membership, and served as an associate editor for Arthroscopy, AANA's peer-reviewed journal, and remains on the editorial board.


To Dr. Wetzler, the AANA Education Foundation means having the opportunity to give back to AANA, starting with supporting AANA’s wide array of lab courses as well as the AANA Annual Meeting.


“The AANA Education Foundation allows Orthopaedic Surgeons, especially those in private practice like myself, to attend a course as well as act as instructors. This allows me and other Orthopaedic Surgeons the opportunity to stay on top of our game,” Dr. Wetzler notes. “Without experiences such as AANA lab courses or the AANA Annual Meeting, I wouldn’t be fortunate enough to interact with and learn from leaders all over the world, which is unique in and of itself."


The AANA Education Foundation also means having an outlet to give back to the next generation of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Having served as a lab course instructor and as a moderator for the 2019 AANA Annual Meeting, Dr. Wetzler takes tremendous pride in sharing his knowledge and skills to those who are early in their careers. This outlet is also how he makes his money matter – by giving back to Orthopaedic Surgeons who are just starting out, his contributions transcend his own time.


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October 2021

AANA’s 40th Anniversary is here!
Celebrate with the AANA Education Foundation through a special gift.


Dear Colleague:

Thank you so much for your support of the AANA Education Foundation. It’s because of generous contributions from donors like you that the AANA Education Foundation has been a critical part of numerous milestones for the last 40 years:


  • Created an incredible family of educational journals to keep members at the forefront of their profession.
  • Advocated for new codes and improved reimbursement for all our members.
  • Delivered outstanding state-of-the-art educational programming though online and in-person meetings, hands-on surgical training at the Orthopaedic Learning Center and through collaboration with other orthoapedic societies.
  • Helped thousands of Orthopaedic Residents get training to improve their surgical skills and knot tying techniques at the AANA Foundations in Arthroscopy lab courses.
  • Assisted hundreds of Orthopaedic Surgeons so they could attend an AANA Lab Course to master techniques and acquire new skills.
  • Funded the invaluable AANA Traveling Fellowship.
  • Awarded the International Education Scholarship and the AANA Annual Meeting Resident Scholarship annually.
  • Funded initiatives related to innovation such as the J. Whit Ewing, M.D. Simulation Room, Proficiency-Based Progression training and the Innovations Lecture at Special Day.


While we have many achievements to celebrate, it is in our nature and mission to strive and advance for more with continued success and improved offerings in the future.


This is an except from the October E-Digest. Read the full message below.


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December 2020

2020 has been a year full of challenges.


Despite these challenges, AANA and the AANA Education Foundation have been working to continue inspiring innovation and growth in the field of minimally invasive orthopaedic surgery. We have learned to transform traditional education methods and skills training into completely new hybrid models, and we’re excited to drive these new innovations forward into the new year.


Your contribution counts – every donation you’ve been able to make during these unprecedented times represents a powerful statement showcasing your commitment to keeping AANA’s mission alive; your donation means so much to the orthopaedic community who have benefitted from the educational opportunities AANA provided this year.


On behalf of AANA and the AANA Education Foundation, we’d like to thank and express our sincere gratitude toward each and every one of you who have supported us during this challenging year – have a happy and safe holiday, and we wish you a healthy 2021.


The AANA Education Foundation


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November 2020

Consider giving back this season.


As we enter a season dedicated to giving thanks, the AANA Education Foundation expresses sincere gratitude toward all its wonderful corporate partners and donors who give back to the next generation of Orthopaedic Surgeons. The countless contributions received on your behalf is what ultimately helps advance the field of minimally invasive surgery and improve patient outcomes.


This issue of Seeing Beyond the Scope highlights the many ways in which you can give back this season to help the Foundation reach its 2020 goal – there’s even a new opportunity for you to get your patients involved! The Foundation encourages you to celebrate the season of giving and make a lasting impact on generations of surgeons to come.


The AANA Education Foundation


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October 2020

Your legacy. AANA's future.


The legacy you leave behind, through contributions to conversations during the Thought Leadership Summit, support of innovative technologies in arthroscopy or donations in the form of legacy gifts does not go unnoticed. It’s because of your unwavering commitment to the AANA Education Foundation that the future state of surgical skills education and training can be addressed and the latest technologies of today can benefit those tomorrow. Your gift today impacts the work AANA can establish – and achieve – for generations to come.


In this issue of Seeing Beyond the Scope, you’ll get an update on the Thought Leadership Summit and its progress along with an overview of new funding initiatives where you can leave your mark on advancements related to arthroscopy.


The AANA Education Foundation


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September 2020

This month, we’re celebrating innovation – including all the AANA members and industry partners that contribute towards developing new initiatives that inspire innovation. We’re welcoming new members of exclusive AANA Education Foundation donor societies and circles that define originality and leadership; we’re thanking our recent individual donors as well as our industry partners for their contributions towards the latest in technology advances; and finally, we’re providing an update on the Thought Leadership Summit, a catalyst for sparking conversations between AANA Membership and industry regarding the future of minimally invasive surgery.


In addition, the theme of our general campaign this month is focused on innovation – after all, it’s your generous support that helps fund the initiatives and technologies of tomorrow.


The AANA Education Foundation


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August 2020

Thank You.


While the AANA Education Foundation takes any and every opportunity to thank its donors, the August edition of Seeing Beyond the Scope focuses particularly on recognizing and thanking all of those who have recently made an impact and have helped support the AANA Education Foundation’s various funding initiatives. From acknowledging our major industry partners, to thanking our recent individual donors, to honoring our new Robert W. Jackson Society members, the AANA Education Foundation strives to express gratitude toward all of the organizations and individuals that help make funding advanced arthroscopy education achievable.


The AANA Education Foundation


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July 2020

Welcome to Seeing Beyond the Scope™: the AANA Education Foundation E-Digest – your monthly update on various informational items focused on Seeing Beyond the Scope, the latest tagline that was released in early May to emphasize the Foundation’s unwavering commitment to AANA through continued program funding.


Each e-digest will include news related to ongoing Foundation developments, revelations on how your support is making an impact, the latest Industry news, informational resources, announcements on new funding initiatives and more.


We look forward to keeping you in-the-know on the exciting new resources and initiatives the AANA Education Foundation has in store for 2020 and beyond.


Enjoy, and happy reading!
The AANA Education Foundation


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