Day 12: AANA23

May 5,2023 / By AANA


Another exciting and educational day at the 2023 AANA Annual Meeting in New Orleans for the Traveling Fellows. Great sessions and lectures from thought leaders covering topics across the arthroscopic discipline. Topics included shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and

2023 AANA Traveling Fellow Catherine Hui, M.D. (left) current with former AANA Traveling Fellow Diego Perez Salazar Marina, M.D. prepare to go up on stage to moderate their morning session on meniscus repair, reconstruction and replacement.

Three of four 2023 AANA Traveling Fellows along with AANA23 Program Chair Brian Waterman, M.D., FAANA anxiously await the Presidential Address delivered by James Stone, M.D., FAANA. Dr. Stone gave a moving address about his life, work and family and how they have supported him over the years, and how the AANA Membership and Staff play a critical role in making his presidential year. From left: Theodore Shybut, M.D., FAANA, Albert Gee, M.D., FAANA, Catherine Hui, M.D. and Brian Waterman, M.D., FAANA.


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