Day 13: AANA23

May 6,2023 / By AANA


2023 AANA Traveling Fellow Albert Gee, M.D., FAANA presents during the Aging Athlete session at AANA23.

After the academic portion of the meeting was completed, the 2023 AANA Traveling Fellows head out to explore New Orleans one last time before the end of their trip. They had to brave the weather this day traveling to the French Quarter for some fun.


While in the French Quarter, the 2023 AANA Traveling Fellows hit one of their favorite spots for a little pick-me-up. The Erin Rose serves up delicious frozen Irish Coffees.

The 2023 AANA Traveling Fellows indulge together sipping their frozen Irish Coffee. Clockwise from left: Albert Gee, M.D., FAANA, Peter Vezeridis, M.D. and Catherine Hui, M.D.

Making their way along the French Quarter, the 2023 AANA Traveling Fellows drop by the historic Cafe Du Monde for their world-famous beignets and a cup of their chicory coffee. Pictured: Peter Vezeridis, M.D. (left) and Catherine Hui, M.D. (right).

After Cafe Du Monde, the 2023 AANA Traveling Fellows head to the Carousel Bar in the Hotel Monteleone, where they sit and have drinks at the rotating bar. Known for the Vieux Carré drink, the bar’s very own creation, the Traveling Fellows ordered five: three drinks for themselves, and two for their missing counterparts, Theodore Shybut, M.D., FAANA and Nicholas Sgaglione, M.D.

Despite being busy, the Traveling Fellows were all able to sit together at the carousel bar by a strike of luck. From the bar, they caught the Kentucky Derby on TV which a horse named Mage won.

To top off the 2023 AANA Traveling Fellows’ final day at AANA23 and their time together as Traveling Fellows, they attend the Presidential Celebration at National World War II Museum. They take one last group photo with Godfather Nicholas Sgaglione, M.D. and his wife Ella. Clockwise from left: Catherine Hui, M.D., Ella Sgaglione, Nicholas Sgaglione, M.D., Peter Vezeridis, M.D. and Albert Gee, M.D., FAANA.

Plenty of merry-making is had during the AANA23 Presidential Celebration where there was plenty of good food, drinks a DJ and a dance floor to get down on, in addition to several floors of historical artifacts and exhibits. From left: Albert Gee, M.D., FAANA, Catherine Hui, M.D. and Peter Vezeridis, M.D.

Drawing on his Italian Heritage, Godfather Nicholas Sgaglione, M.D. wished them all “Arrivederla,” which he explained is different from “Arrivederci” because its meaning is not so much “goodbye” as it is “until next time.”

The Traveling Fellows will carry in their hearts all the many fond memories and experiences they had during the length of their journey. In the words of Dr. Sgaglione, “Until the next time.”

From left: Catherine Hui, M.D., Nicholas Sgaglione, M.D. and Albert Gee, M.D., FAANA.


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