Day 2: ABC Medical Center

April 26,2023 / By AANA


The 2023 AANA Traveling Fellows and Godfather Nicholas Sgaglione, M.D. pause for a moment before a packed morning of surgery observation with hosts from Ortomove at ABC Medical Center in Mexico City. “Nothing But Fun” included ACL reconstructions, complex meniscus repair, biceps tenodesis, rotator cuff repair and lively discussions about decision-making in meniscus surgery, postoperative rehabilitation protocols, graft choice for ACL reconstructions, choice of biceps tenodesis location, technique, fixation and more. From left: Albert Gee, M.D., FAANA, Catherine Hui. M.D., Nicholas Sgaglione, M.D., Theodore Shybut, M.D., FAANA, Peter Vezeridis, M.D., Ortomove Staff Member and Host Pedro Iturbide Siles, M.D.

2023 AANA Traveling Fellowship Godfather/”Good father” Nicholas Sgaglione, M.D. shares his expertise on the fine points of knee surgery with Albert Gee, M.D., FAANA, Peter Vezeridis, M.D., Theodore Shybut, M.D., FAANA and Catherine Hui, M.D. (not pictured) as hosts and their trainees are hard at work attending to an injured knee. 

Site Host Diego Perez-Salazer Marina, M.D. prepares a quadriceps tendon autograft for ACL reconstruction. The 2023 AANA Traveling Fellows agree with his positive assessment of the day.

After a late lunch, the 2023 AANA Traveling Fellows switched gears from the operating room to sharing talks with their hosts. Terrific talks followed by stimulating discussion. Albert Gee, M.D., FAANA (pictured) prepares to teach us about lateral extra-articular tenodesis with ACL reconstruction.

2023 AANA Traveling Fellow Peter Vezeridis, M.D. shares his shoulder expertise and current take on open versus arthroscopic latarjet procedure.

After a comprehensive, in-depth series of knee and shoulder talks, case presentations from hosts and stimulating discussion, the 2023 AANA Traveling Fellows share a moment on the auditorium stage before adjourning for the evening. A memorable day of surgery and academics. The Traveling Fellows are truly grateful for the experience the Ortomove/ABC Medical Center hosts put together.


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