Day 8: Tulane University

May 2,2023 / By AANA

Felix Savoie III, M.D. discusses his treatment approach for massive rotator cuff tears with the 2023 AANA Traveling Fellows. From left: Catherine Hui, M.D., Theodore Shybut, M.D., FAANA, Buddy Savoie III, M.D., Albert Gee, M.D., FAANA and Peter Vezeridis, M.D.

The 2023 AANA Traveling Fellows had a fantastic morning in the operating room with Felix Savoie III, M.D. and his team. A great discussion surrounded cases which included two arthroscopic rotator cuff repairs and an anatomic total shoulder arthroplasty. From left: Chief Resident Wendell (Cody) Cole, M.D., Sports Fellow Reaves Crabtree, M.D., Peter Vezeridis, M.D., Theodore Shybut, M.D., FAANA, Felix Savoie III, M.D., Nicholas Sgaglione, M.D., Albert Gee, M.D., FAANA, Catherine Hui, M.D. and Amy Savoie, M.D.

In the afternoon the team attends on a wonderful airboat tour of the bayous where they spot multiple alligators.
Front row from left: Peter Vezeridis, M.D., Reaves Crabtree, M.D. and Catherine Hui, M.D.
Second row from left: Nicholas Sgaglione, M.D. and Theodore Shybut, M.D., FAANA.
Third row from left: Albert Gee, M.D., FAANA and Wendell (Cody) Cole, M.D.

The 2023 AANA Traveling Fellows are able to hold a baby alligator during their airboat tour of the bayous.

In the evening, Felix H. Savoie III, M.D., former AANA Traveling Fellow Michael O’Brien, M.D., FAANA and their team treated the 2023 AANA Traveling Fellows and Godfather to a spectacular meal at Antoine’s Restaurant. From Left: Albert Gee, M.D., FAANA, Theodore Shybut, M.D., FAANA, Michael O’Brien, M.D., FAANA, Catherine Hui, M.D., Peter Vezeridis, M.D., Wendell Heard, M.D., Nicholas Sgaglione, M.D., Asha Heard, M.D., Felix Savoie III, M.D., Amy Savoie, M.D., Wendell (Cody) Heard, M.D. and Reaves Crabtree, M.D.

The meal’s grand finale was a special AANA Baked Alaska, an exquisite dessert originating from Antoine’s made of ice cream, slices of sponge cake and a meringue topping. The restaurant’s chef, Antoine, named the dish the “Baked Alaska” in honor of the United States acquiring Alaska from the Russian Empire in 1867. From left: Peter Vezeridis, M.D., Albert Gee, M.D., FAANA, Nicholas Sgaglione, M.D., Theodore Shybut, M.D., FAANA and Catherine Hui, M.D.
A server at Antoine’s Restaurant torches the Baked Alaska for a truly dazzling finishing touch on the meal.


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